[Sam, one of our Dev Evangelists, wrote this massive blog post on the basics of using the Ordr.in API. We've broken it up into a few chapters and hope to refine this as we get more questions via email and at hackathons. It's essentially the answers to the FAQs we get. So if you've got questions, send them our way!]

So this past Summer, I was a hackNY fellow and an Ordr.intern (yeah I like stupid cheesy puns). It was definitely the greatest Summer of my life. I will get around to talking about how amazing hackNY is some other time though. At Ordr.in, I had the opportunity to hack on some really cool open source stuff like this and this, as well as some awesome, less flashy, "evil" proprietary stuff that "helped the business grow." Now as an Ordr.in Developer Evangelist, I’m repping this bad ass API at hackathons. So to make my life easier in the inevitably sleepless upcoming weekends, I will lay down some basic knowledge here of how to get things working!

I’m going to break this down into bite size bits so you can just read what you need to read.


API Overview

API Walkthrough

Dealing With The Menu

Test vs Production


As always, it is great to see what people are building, so please tweet @sagnewshreds and @ordrin to let us know what amazing things you all wind up making! Anyone who builds something with the API will receive a kick ass exclusive Ordrin t-shirt (not the standard one with the fortune cookie logo, which is also a kick ass shirt)!

Shoot me a tweet or an email if you need any more help!